Project Mall

  • Cat Condos, Beds, and Toys

    Southern California shelters needs Cat Condos to help satisfy their sheltered cats need to hunt, climb and scratch.

    Your gift of $25 will help keep the cat in the shelter entertained until they find a new home!
  • Paws to Patriots

    We recently celebrated reaching 400 new companion animal adoptions for Veterans and we need your help to serve another 400 Veterans and shelter animals.

    Your gift of $150 helps pay shelter adoption fees for a veteran needing a new companion, as well as gives needed support for their newly adopted dog or cat.
  • Veterinary Fund

    Veterinary Fund for adoptable pets who need medical procedures so that they can find a new forever home

    Your gift helps pay for lifesaving medical treatment for sick and injured animals that enter our shelters. These animals will get the veterinary care they need to get back on their feet and into a permanent home.

  • Grooming Saves Life

    Your gift of $25 helps a sheltered animal put their best face forward to potential adoptive owners.
  • The Best Pets: Fund to Train

    Fund to train and subsidize adoptions for mature pets who have been in the shelter 10+ days

    Your gift of $75 helps sheltered animals thrive in loving homes.