10 Ways to Help

1. Only adopt from shelters and rescuers. Tell friends who want specific breeds that our shelters and rescue groups have the largest selection of purebreds and mixed breeds around! This includes lovable kittens, puppies, and dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. Find animals near you.

2. Spay and neuter. Encourage your friends and neighbors to spay and neuter their animals, and make sure you do the same. Find spay and neuter services near you.

3. Donate to your favorite shelter(s) or fund a new project. Help your favorite shelter(s) by giving them the financial resources they need to care for as many animals as possible! Or fund a new project that helps increase life saving. Shelters and rescue groups post their most urgent needs to increase lifesaving and decrease suffering. 100% of your tax deductible donations go directly to the projects, groups, and shelters that you choose. http://www.laanimalalliance.org/donate.php

4. Help a sick friend. Donate to the Los Angeles Alliance Veterinary Fund to give a homeless shelter animal medical treatment and time to heal and we will find the animal a forever home. 100% of your tax deductible donations go directly to medical treatment. www.laanimalalliance.org/donatepage.php?theID=334

5. Foster. Fostering is a great volunteer project for families or individuals who love animals. You can provide temporary care for a dog, cat, puppy, or kitten who otherwise may have no chance at all.

6. Create community. Sign up your school and/or faith organization to help local animals.

7. Volunteer. Volunteer your time and energy. You will love helping animals, saving lives, and meeting other heroes like you.

8. Give us your brain. Give your professional skills pro bono to help the humane community grow.

9. Better with U. Tell us the story of how your life changed when you adopted a homeless animal. Help us inspire others to do the same and give thanks to our local shelters and rescuers.

10. Spread your love. Please use our social media tools to let others know what projects you are passionate about. Share what you like on our website with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, your blog, and any other means necessary.


100% of your tax deductible donations go directly to the projects, rescue groups and shelters that you choose.